Tai nghe JABRA BIZ™ 1900 USB DUO

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  084 VoIP Support084 VoIP Support
Kinh doanh online 1
DĐ: 0938 238 084 - Mr. Thoại
Kinh doanh online 2
DĐ: 098 800 57 00 - Ms. Hồng

Đặt hàng qua điện thoại

(08)73.000.246 -- (04)73.000.246
Hotline: 0938238 084

Hỗ trợ kỹ thuật - bảo hành: 1900.6069
Làm việc từ 8h00 - 19h300
(Thứ 2 - Thứ 7)
    • Kết nối

      • Connectivity: QD
        Quick Disconnect (QD) option, which requires an additional cord.
      • Usage:
        • Works with WIFI phones
        • Works with DECT phones
        • Connects to a PC and can be used to stream music/sound and for voice calls
        • Designed to optimize the experience of using a Unified Communications client
        • Works with traditional desk phones
      • Control Center: No
        Control center is not supported by this device


    • Frequency Response: Narrowband
      Speakers with a narrowband frequency response are capable of producing sound in a range well suited for traditional analog phone lines
    • Noise Protection: Peakstop™
      Peakstop™ - Eliminates potentially harmful sound spikes
    • Digital Signal Processing: No
      This device does not utilize DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
    • Listening Mode: Two ears
      Offers stereo sound through two speakers (look for Duo or Stereo)
  • Microphone

    • Microphone Type: Noise Canceling
      Enhances call clarity by eliminating background noise from the office.
    • Microphone Sensitivity: Standard (E-STD)
      Standard (STD) variation microphone sensitivity is comparable to a normal telephone receiver and is used in most telephone devices.
    • Boom Arm Type: Flex
      Noise-cancelling microphone with excellent noise reduction - great for open, loud office environments. The boom arm can be adjusted to the user.
    • Mute function: No
      There is no option to "mute/unmute" a conversation directly from the device
    • Noise Protection: Peakstop™
      Peakstop™ - Eliminates potentially harmful sound spikes
  • Thiết kế

    • Wearing Style: Headband
      A headband is a fully adjustable, over-the-head wearing style
    • Ear Cushion Type:
      • Small (S) foam ear cushions
      • Small (S) leatherette ear cushions
  • Điều khiển cuộc gọi từ xa

    • Jabra Direct: No
      This device does not have Jabra Direct
Mã sản phẩm BIZ™ 1900 USB DUO
Kiểu tai nghe 2 bên (duo)
Chuẩn kết nối Jack USB
Âm thanh HD, Micro giảm tiếng ồn
Phụ kiện kèm theo Hướng dẫn sử dụng
Nhà sản xuất Jabra

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